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Bay Delta Conservation Plan
Public Comment Library

All public comments submitted during the official public comment period are herein made available to the public.  The government agencies involved in the creation of the BDCP have engaged in suppression of public speech. They posted all 40,000 pages of their advocacy for the proposed water tunnels in December of 2013, and continue to post their own advocacy for the project on the BDCP website, but have refused to post any comments from the public on the website, thereby shutting down public dialogue on the BDCP.  
All sides of this story must be heard.  
Consequently,  all comments, whether for, against or other, are included in this library.  Requests for DVDs of the public review documents, which numbered 65 as of May 15, 2014, are not included in this record, nor are duplicate comments or spam.
USA Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps and SWRCB Comments on BDCP
United States Congressional Members from California Comments on the BDCP
Individual Comments (by month submitted):
NOTE: All comments open as pdf documents - click to open, right click to save
BDCP Public Open House Transcripts of Comments. ICF International, the compiler of these transcripts, organized them geographically.  Friends of the River has kept their North-South organization
Agency, Organizational, Scientific Comments (in order submitted)
December 2013
January 2014
February 2014
March 2014
April 2014
June 2014
July 2014
                      ARWA Attachment A
                      ARWA Attachment B
                Ventura County Exhibit 1
                Ventura County Exhibit 2
                SDWA Exhibit 1
                SDWA Exhibit 2
                SDWA Exhibit 2.2
                SDWA Exhibit 2.3
                SDWA Exhibit 2.4
                SDWA Exhibit 2.5
                SDWA Exhibit 3
                SDWA Exhibit 4 (not received)
                SDWA Exhibit 5
                SDWA Exhibit 6
                SDWA Exhibit 7
                SDWA Exhibit 8
                SDWA Exhibit 9
                SDWA Exhibit 10
                SDWA Exhibit 11
                SDWA Exhibit 12
                SDWA Exhibit 13
                SDWA Exhibit 14 Part 1
    Part 2
                SDWA Exhibit 15
                CDWA Exhibits 1-14 (not received)
                CDWA Exhibits 15-29
07-25-14 SJCOG San Joaquin MSCP
07-28-14 Butte Water District
07-28-14 Clarksburg Fire Protection District
                PFMC Attachment 1
                PFMC Attachment 2
CalTrans Attachment 2
SCDA Attachment 15
SCDA Attachment 17
SCDA Attachment 18

 Individual Requests to Post Comments/Extend Comment Period
 Februry 2014
 March 2014
 April 2014
 May 2014

December 2013 - Individual Comments
12-27-13 Bob Whitley
January 2014 - Individual Comments

February 2014 - Individual Comments
02-01-14 Lori Koff (comment deleted at the request of commenter)
March 2014 - Individual Comments
April 2014 - Individual Comments
May 2014 - Individual Comments

05-02-14 Ernest Rusu-Carp
05-02-14 Tim Ingrum
05-03-14 John McNear 
05-05-14 Jaclyn Allen
05-05-14 Luke Asbury
05-06-14 Martha De Loza
05-06-14 Cameron Worley
05-06-14 Thomas Huppler
05-06-14 Don McClure
05-06-14 Raymond Brant
05-07-14 Roger Torneden
05-07-14 Christine Craft
05-07-14 Adam Moule
05-07-14 Jennifer Raven
05-07-14 William Brownell
05-07-14 Julian Bishop
05-07-14 Ana Sanchez
05-07-14 Daniel Aldrich
05-07-14 Dave Bakay 
05-07-14 Thomas Huppler
05-07-14 Chari Plough 
05-07-14 Janet Kerr
05-07-14 Cindy Coen 
05-07-14 Corey Cate
05-07-14 Evelyn Falkenstein
05-07-14 Janelle Lathrop
05-07-14 Marcel
05-07-14 LaVeta Gibbs
05-07-14 Dale Lyon
05-07-14 Sarah Alexander
05-07-14 Abigail Shaw
05-07-14 William Kerns
05-07-14 Laurelee Barnes
05-08-14 Michelle Lemley
05-08-14 Sherri Venezia 
05-09-14 Joe Rivera
05-09-14 Sarah Alexander
05-12-14 Loren Rhodes
05-13-14 Judy Pinegar
05-13-14 Sarah Alexander
05-14-14 Lisa Jordan

June & July 2014 - Individual Comments
Future comments submitted to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan website will be posted on a regular basis as we receive them.
           BDCP next comment period is expected in January 2015
To submit your own, or your organizations comments on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan directly to the BDCP website please check back in late December 2014.
To submit comments via mail, use the following address:
BDCP Comments
Ryan Wulff, NMFS
650 Capitol Mall, Suite 5-100
Sacramento, CA 95814
Until about December 13, 2013, the agencies maintaining the BDCP website had been posting all correspondence and comments received on the website. Then, the federal and state agencies refused to continue posting any comments other than project proponent material touting the project on the website. Friends of the River formally demanded that the agencies resume posting comments and that they post all comments and correspondence on the website as they had been doing up until about December 13, 2013. It is absolutely essential that public interest organizations, public agencies, and members of the public have access to comments made as they come in to assist in formulating their own comments on the 40,000 pages of advocacy--the Plan and draft EIR/EIS-- for the BDCP Water Tunnels.
The proposed BDCP Water Tunnels project that is the subject of the BDCP draft Plan and EIR/EIS is perhaps the most controversial public works project in the history of the State of California. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s the proposed project was then known as the “peripheral canal”. A statewide referendum in June of 1982 blocked development of the project by a 2 to 1 vote. The proposal raises profound issues under several laws including the Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and Clean Water Act. As just one example, we have commented that the project is not permissible under the Endangered Species Act because by diverting enormous quantities of freshwater out of the Sacramento River upstream from the San Francisco Bay-Delta, the project would adversely modify designated critical habitat for at least five endangered and threatened fish species.
The comments will contribute to public understanding of the environmental impacts and impacts to habitat for endangered and threatened species likely to result from the BDCP Water Tunnels project. Many comments raise issues under the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, which are both environmental full disclosure statutes. Thus, the comments will be of great significance to public understanding of the environmental and habitat issues raised by the BDCP draft Plan and EIR/EIS.
There is deep and profound public interest in the BDCP planning process. This organization is actively participating in the commenting process. The comments will greatly assist this organization, other organizations, public agencies, and members of the public in spotting issues and developing their own comments on the draft Plan and EIR/EIS. The comments are absolutely critical to  the public including news, nonprofit, and environmental, scientific and educational organizations in attempting to understand the environmental and endangered species impacts that would be caused by the Water Tunnels.
To view correspondence prior to December 13, 2013 (2007-2013) click here (takes you to the BDCP website).
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