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Klamath Bus Ad

This ad is too controversial? No, says Oregon judge!

We wanted to run this ad on Portland buses. We wanted to educate Pacific Power ratepayers about the damage that four Klamath River dams could do to their pocketbooks. We were denied. Censored. Tri-Met said we could not run the ads. We asked them to reconsider. They still said no. So we teamed up with the ACLU and filed a First Amendment lawsuit. We think we have the right to run this incredibly non-controversial ad. We think ratepayers have the right to learn more about the Klamath dams. And so does an Oregon judge. On June 3, 2008 FOR won its free speech lawsuit!  Read more about the lawsuit.

Will Klamath dams raise your electric bills? 

Not all dams are created equal. Some protect people from floods. Some irrigate farms and provide drinking water. Some generate electricity. And some just cost you money.

It’s true: you could end up paying higher electric rates if we DON’T tear down the Klamath dams. Removing the dams could actually save you money.

Pacific Power owns dams on the Klamath River. They generate a little electricity. They provide no flood protection or irrigation water. But they do prevent salmon from reaching over 300 miles of spawning habitat in the upper reaches of the river.

Pacific Power needs a new license for these dams, and in order to get that license it has to bring the old dams up to modern standards. That is going to cost money, and there is no getting around it. Of course, Pacific Power gets to pass those costs on to you, the ratepayer.

Klamath Fishy Bill brochure coverSo what’s the least expensive option?

Experts from Oregon, California, and the U.S. government have compared the cost of updating the dams with such things as fish ladders versus the cost of simply removing the dams. They found that removing the dams could save Pacific Power’s customers approximately $30 to $290 million!

Since the cost of removing the dams is cheaper than the cost of bringing them up to current standards, removing the dams will save Pacific Power’s customers money … and help dwindling salmon populations too!

The Klamath River belongs to all of us, and it is vital to Oregon’s economy, our natural heritage and our history. Pacific Power has made plenty of profits from the Klamath dams, and now they have a responsibility to fix the damage they have caused.

Write a letter now! Tell Pacific Power to stop passing the buck and remove the Klamath dams to save customers money! Click here.