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Informative & Exicting Workshops from the 2009 California Rivers Festival

California Classics - Rafting the state’s best Class 4s and 5s - Whitewater enthusiasts, Rorie Lin Gotham, Mark Hascall, and Bob Santin will show thrills, spills and views of the most remote , dramatic and beautiful runs in California - The Bear, Bald Rock, Burnt Ranch, Cherry Creek, the Dardanelles, Fordyce, Giant Gap, Golden Gate, the Middle and Upper Kings, the North and Lower Stanislaus, Pauley Creek, Purdon’s Crossing and the San Joaquin - ending with a final hurrah and total flip. With great, fun music that dates the presenters just a little bit. [Film]

Middle Fork Room

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Rafting - Ron Hunter of Patagonia and Tom Meckfessel of Clavey River Equipment narrate a photographic journey down the Marsh Fork of the Canning River. Their rafting expedition starts on the north slopes of Alaska’s Brooks Range and ends in the coastal plains of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Ron and Tom will also discuss the logistics, gear and planning for a private trip in the Arctic. [Slide show and discussion]

North Fork Room

Save the Mokelumne River - Friends of the River’s staff and The Foothill Conservancy in Amador County will discuss the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s proposed raising of the Pardee Dam, destroying miles of the beautiful Mokelumne River near Highway 49. Participants will hear why the dam expansion is not only destructive, it’s not even needed to meet the Bay Area’s water demand. [Presentation]

12:00 Noon

South Fork Room

A Wild and Scenic River Road Trip - Steve Evans, Friends of the River’s Conservation Director will tell you how to visit wild rivers this summer - the rivers and streams recently protected as Wild and Scenic by the United States Congress. From the Owens River in the eastern Sierra, to the Amargosa River in the Mojave Desert, to Piru Creek and the North San Jacinto River in southern California’s mountain ranges, these are great places to hike, fish, camp or just wade and experience a bit of our now protected wild river heritage. [Presentation]

Middle Fork Room

Perspectives: Modern Photography for River Enthusiasts - Andy Maurer (www.trout stream and John Lane ( team up to talk about how they take pictures in, down, and around rivers and streams. They will share a discussion with the audience on equipment and illustrate several of their most popular pictures and talk about how they captured them and their technical elements. [Presentation/Discussion]

North Fork Room

The Upper American River Foundation - Bill Templin will discuss this group’s member-based organization which was founded to conserve and protect the unique qualities of the Upper American River watersheds in Placer and El Dorado counties. The foundation’s objectives include identifying natural resource issues and securing funding to address these issues. The Upper American River Foundation (UARF) strives for a full understanding of individual interests and regulatory management requirements in the watershed in an effort to resolve watershed issues with mutual respect for all stakeholders. [Presentation]

1:00 P.M

South Fork Room

Watershed Year for McCloud, California: Lessons and Strategies for Collaborative (Grassroots) Campaigns to Protect Water - Donna Boyd, long time Friends of the River guide and supporter, and a hands on environmental activist, will share successful campaign strategies for empowering small communities to protect their water resources, recalling her recent experience as the co-coordinator of Protect Our Waters Coalition in McCloud. Come learn how this coalition kept Nestle Corporation from building the world’s largest water bottling plant at the base of Mount Shasta. [Presentation]

Middle Fork Room

Kayak undamed rivers

Click here to watch Trailer for "The Last Decent"
Pictured above: Charlie on Triple Drop (East Kaweah)

The Last Descent - Scott Ligare will show and talk about the filming of a group of kayakers quest to run some of the world’s great rivers while they still exist. Nepal’s Marsyangdi River, Uganda’s White Nile and India’s Brahmaputra River are in danger of destruction from massive hydroelectric projects. This award winning film by Kathryn Scott, Charlie Center and Scott Ligare documents the struggle of indigenous people where the environment and local economies are being destroyed, and shows spectacular runs on the world class whitewater which will be swallowed up. The film closes with the movement to restore Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite Park. [Film and Discussion]

North Fork Room

Top Trails Sacramento - Explore trails along our local rivers with Steve Evans, the author of Top Trails Sacramento and Conservation Director of Friends of the River. His book features 43 different trails, many of them located along rivers and streams in the Sacramento Valley, Coast Range and in the Sierra Nevada. Top Trails Sacramento is the best selling regional trail guide published by Wilderness Press and will be available to purchase at the California Rivers Festival. [Presentation]

2 p.m

South Fork Room

The Auburn Dam: Building a Better Future for The North and Middle Forks of The American River - Ron Stork, Senior Policy Advocate for Friends of the River will present a workshop on the Auburn Dam, its history and the real meaning of the recent revocation of its water rights. And what all of us can do to build a better future for the North Fork American and Middle Fork American Rivers. [Presentation]

Middle Fork Room

River of Renewal - This film examines the water use and wildlife crisis in the Klamath River Basin, a bioregion as large as Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire combined. The varying communities whose livelihoods depend on the water from the Klamath River are all suffering from historic water use polices which have left the area without enough water to satisfy the needs of irrigation and fisheries alike. This film takes a journey to the Klamath Basin to re-examine these important issues. [Film]

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