Get involved with our community engagement events.

Community Engagement Events

Friends of the River organizes activities throughout the year to engage communities in the river protection movement. We host community events – from tabling to movie nights to social gatherings! Our media events and outreach generate news stories to educate and engage the broader public in our work.

Opinion Leader River trips

For leaders, reporters, and water policy experts who impact policy on California’s rivers.

California Rivers Day

Join us to celebrate rivers and give them a voice in our legislature.


A five-day journey following the American River to the State Capitol in August.

Salmon Run: 5K Run to Spawn the Next Generation

A 5K fun run in Sacramento to raise awareness and build community around the rivers we work to protect.  Join us for the salmon obstacle course and some amazing salmon hat art!

Volunteers are needed to help with these activities! If you’d like to join us, please contact Toby Briggs – or (916) 442-3155 Ext 223.