Turn your stock market gains into free flowing rivers

Give stock or mutual funds that have gone up in value during your ownership over more than a year’s time. You will get a deduction equal to the full value of the securities at the time of donation, rather than how much you originally paid for them, without paying a capital gains tax! Consult with your financial advisor.

To donate stock, send the following instructions to your broker:

Re:  Account ___________________

We want to make a gift to the Friends of the River Foundation using appreciated stock.  Please transfer ____________ shares of  ________________________, symbol _______ as follows:

Charles Schwab & Company

DTC #0164      Code 40
For Credit to:   Friends of the River Foundation
Account No.:    6193-0167

Contact: Eric Wesselman, Executive Director
Address: 1418 20th St, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95811