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Klamath Boyle dam panorama

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News Articles

Let salmon ride the bus
The Oregonian (February 26, 2008) agrees that FOR's Klamath salmon ad should be allowed on Portland area buses -- and the newspaper even reprinted the ad.

FOR, ACLU file lawsuit over Klamath salmon ad
An FOR ad to boost awareness for Klamth River dams was banned from Portland buses, and the free speech lawsuit we filed generated plenty of press. Here's a sampling:

Source Documents

  • California Energy Commission letter to Oregon PUC recommending Klamath dams be removed. Click here.
  • California Energy Commission letter to California PUC recommending Klamath dams be removed. Click here.
  • Collected quotes about Klamath dam removal, with source citations. Click here.
  • The California Energy Commission rebuts PacifiCorp's claims and confirms that removing the Klamath dams is the cheaper option. Click here.
  • The California Coastal Conservancy, a state agency, explains that the silt that has collected behind the Klamath dams poses no threat after removal (cover letter only). Click here.
  • Gathard Engineering sediment study for the California Coastal Committee (summary). Click here.
  • Members of Congress call for Klamath dam removal. Click here.
  • The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board warns of dangerous levels of algae behind the Klamath dams. Click here.
  • The Pacific Fishery Management Council calls for Klamath dam removal. Click here.
  • The case for dam removal (2003). Click here.



The DVD Solving the Klamath Crisis depicts the common ground reached among farmers and environmentalists, tribes and fishermen, over tearing down the dams and restoring the Klamath River. View excerpts below and then contact us for a copy of the DVD.

Part 1

Part 2

View information about the toxic algae in the Klamath reservoirs:

Browse our catalog of Klamath photos. Download low res images using "save as." For high res photos contact Tony Bogar at or 707.227.9239 and we will send you the file ASAP.
Copco 2 Dam on Klamath River Click here to view photos.