Salmon for Savings
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About Us

Klamath kids with fishSalmon for Savings is a branch of the Bring the Salmon Home Campaign, which is a collaboration between Friends of the River and the Karuk Tribe. We work in partnership with various other entities including tribes, agencies, and citizen groups.
Our goal is to restore healthy salmon populations to the Klamath River. We believe that the only way to ensure healthy, sustainable and harvestable runs of Klamath salmon is to remove PacifiCorp’s lower four Klamath dams so salmon can access more than 300 miles of their historic habitat.

Our Ratepayer Advocate is Jason Hatch. Jason has worked on a variety of community and labor organizing projects and he is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Oregon State University in Corvallis. His interests include sea-kayaking, snow-shoeing, backpacking, and fly-fishing. Jason works out of an office in Portland. To reach Jason, click here.

Campaign supporters include: