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Senate Bill 1250 (Hueso) Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2014


Bill Text:

Summary: Existing law mandates that the voters be submitted an $11.1 billion water bond bill at the November 4, 2014 general election.  SB 1250 replaces that bill with a $10.15 billion water bond.  If approved by the voters, SB 1250 would spend money for the following purposes:

  • $900 million on safe drinking water and water quality projects
  • $1 billion on water supply reliability and drought preparedness 
  • $2.25 billion on restoring and protecting the San Joaquin River Delta
  • $3 billion on water storage (continuously appropriated)
  • $1.3 billion on multibenefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects
  • $500 million on groundwater sustainability 
  • $500 million on water recycling
  • $250 million on water conservation
  • $100 million on local and regional water storage (continuously appropriated)


Our Position: Oppose




Status/History: SB 1250's hearing was canceled at the request of the author

SB 1250 will be heard before the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water on May 13, 2014


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