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Conservation Groups Hope for Fish Restoration Under Obama by Dan Baucher of
Steve Evans, conservation director of Friends of the River in Sacramento, was also optimistic about environmental prospects under the incoming administration, although he tempered it with concerns about some of Obama's positions on energy issues...He is encouraging fish and river advocates to "take every opportunity to educate the new administration on common sense environmental solutions, before firm positions are made."

Is Schwarzenegger Trading Klamath Dam Removal for the Destruction of the Delta?
FOR's web statement is widely cited and supported in this Bay Area IndyBay article. Read FOR's statement here. Read the article here.

Auburn Dam may really be dead this time
And defenders of the North Fork of the "American River are not claiming victory. They figure the fight will continue as long as inundation threatens Sacramento and Southern California needs water. Ron Stork has argued against the dam for 21 years at the nonprofit group Friends of the River." Read more of the LA Times article here.

Schwarzenegger Administration Uses Announcement of Proposed Water Cuts to Push Canal and Dams
FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans is quoted in this article posted November 1, 2008 on the California Progress Report

Rare Earth Indeed
FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans is quoted at Rare Earth News (August 3, 2008) about the Eastern Sierra and Northern San Gabriel Wild Heritage Act that would protect unique rivers in Southern California.

Salmon, Rivers, and the Fourth of July
FOR Communications Director Tony Bogar writes in the San Jose Mercury News (July 1, 2008) about the connection between salmon, rivers, and our 4th of July barbecues.

Waste Water, Destroy a River
Tony Bogar tells readers of the Sacramento Bee (June 23, 2008) that their tap water is tied to the health of our rivers.

FOR Wins Free Speech Lawsuit
Friends of the River wins the right to run an ad about Klamath River dams on Portland buses, as reported by The Oregonian (June 4, 2008).

Put Those Levees Back
FOR Senior Policy Analyst Ron Stork explains to the Sacramento Bee (May 27, 2008) the benefits of setback levees on the Yuba River.

A Pox on the Leaders
Ron Stork tells the Los Angeles Times (May 11, 2008) that leaders are to blame for Sacramento's precarious predicament.

Prepare to Be Fleeced
Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (May 9, 2008) that any new Auburn dam would likely require a fleecing.

Dams and Climate Change
FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans discusses with EarthNews (May 7, 2008) the new push to build dams and why they still don't make any sense.

"Good for Your Spirits"
FOR's Shane Walton explains to the Press Enterprise (April 19, 2008) and Public News Service (April 21, 2008) the benefits of preserving the San Jacinto River and the wilderness around it.

California Water in 3 Easy Steps
Newspapers and blogs are picking up on our 3 Easy Steps message. So far it has run in the Eureka Reporter (April 14, 2008), the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (April 17, 2008), the North County Times (April 18, 2008), and the Napa Valley Register (April 30, 2008). It has also been picked up online at Aquafornia, California Water News, and an Indian water blog.

Groovy. John Denver. Our Steve Evans
FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans takes a walk with the Sacramento News & Review (March 20, 2008) to tout his book "Top Trails Sacramento."

As seen in Sunset!
Sunset magazine (March 2008) lists FOR's Central Coast campaign as one of the soon-to-be treasures of the West.

Steve Evans: "big time player"
FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans takes the Sacramento Bee (March 6, 2008) on one of the hikes listed in his new book, "Top Trails: Sacramento."

It's festival time!
The Sacramento Bee (March 6, 2008) previews FOR's California Rivers Festival.

Let salmon ride the bus
The Oregonian (February 26, 2008) agrees that FOR's Klamath salmon ad should be allowed on Portland area buses -- and the newspaper even reprinted the ad.

FOR, ACLU file lawsuit over Klamath salmon ad
An FOR ad to boost awareness for Klamath River dams was banned from Portland buses, and the free speech lawsuit we filed generated plenty of press. Here's a sampling:

FOR, SYRCL file lawsuit to protect salmon on the South Yuba River
At the same time, FOR and SYRCL had their sights on the Daguerre Point and Englebright Dams and the salmon they prevent from heading upriver. Here are a few of the articles about that lawsuit:

Prepare for Delays
FOR Senior Policy Analyst Ron Stork tells the Merced Sun Star (February 7, 2008) why Highway 140 needs a closer look before it is rebuilt.

Why Natomas Levees Failed
Ron Stork gets a brief mention in this Sacramento Bee article (January 28, 2008), but that doesn't reveal the hard work he put into defining the concepts in the background. 

Leapin' Deja Vu
For the second year FOR has earned a nod from Dan Bacher and the Leapin' Steelhead Awards (January 27, 2008).

Take a Hike
FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans will be giving talks about his new book, "Top Trails Sacramento," throughout the spring (January 27, 2008).

Dam Lies, Dam Facts
The Sonoma Index-Tribune (January 17, 2008) reprinted Steve Evans' Headwaters article to help spread the truth about dams in California.




"Train Wreck"
Steve Evans writes in the California Progress Report (December 14, 2007) about the budget-busting and environment-damaging plan by the Chamber of Commerce to get new dams built.

"Self Serving"
Indy Bay Media (December 14, 2007) picks up on Steve Evans' blast against dam builders and weaves in the peripheral canal too.

"Dismal Failure"
Steve Evans tells the Associated Press (October 12, 2007) that CalFed has been "a dismal failure." Perhaps that doesn't come as any surprise to you, but it's good to remind people,eh?

FOR Senior Policy Advocate Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (October 12, 2007) that Sacramento is "delusional" about the Natomas flood zone. Let's not mince words.

"Run over the Cliff"
Steve Evans shrugs his shoulders at those wacky dam builders in the San Jose Mercury News (October 10, 2007).

Perata points to FOR
Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata made several references to Friends of the River during the special session to debate the dam bonds. (FOR's Steve Evans testified at one of the hearings too). At his press conference (October 9) Perata proudly notes that he got FOR and the Metropolitan Water District on stage together.

Latest flood bills take only "baby steps"
Ron Stork tells the Davis Enterprise (September 7, 2007) that the latest flood bills don't do enough.

"The people have their river back"
Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (September 6, 2007) that the restored American River, at the old Auburn dam site, will continue to get better.

How to offset flood dangers
FOR's Ron Stork writes in the San Francisco Chronicle (August 12, 2007) about flood plains, development, levees -- and potential disaster.

Is your wine fish friendly?
Friends of the River presented awards at the Fish Friendly Farming reception, as noted in the San Francisco Chronicle (August 10, 2007).

Beware the fish kill
FOR's Ron Stork gets the last word in a Sacramento Bee article (July 29, 2007) about a "river on the edge."

Get the Scoop on Ron Stork
The Sacramento Business Journal (July 6, 2007) profiles FOR's Ron Stork. Try to guess his favorite book ...

Bad for the Country
Ron Stork tells KCRA Channel 3 (June 21, 2007) that bad decisions on the Natomas flood plain could be bad for the entire country.

If the Levees Break ...
Ron Stork points to the problems with flooding in Natomas, as seen on Sacramento's News 10 (June 20, 2007).

Bending the Rules
Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (June 20, 2007) that local government wants FEMA to bend the rules for the Natomas flood plain. We're shocked. Shocked.

Wall Street Journal Let's Us Have Our Say
Executive Director Peter Ferenbach explains why the Klamath Dams should come down in his Letter to the Editor (June 5, 2007).

Hey, we're "prominent"!
The San Francisco Chronicle (May 12, 2007) flatters us in this article about Yosemite and the National Park Service.

Groups join Park Service in court fight over Yosemite
Friends of the River joins in a brief that supports the National Park Service in the Yosemite lawsuit, and the Los Angeles Times (May 12, 2007) explains the situation.

"The governor is a good actor"
FOR Senior Policy Advocate Ron Stork tells KTVU Channel 2 (May 9, 2007) why the governor's dam proposals are flawed.

"Radical Common Sense"
FOR's Ron Stork praises "radical common sense" at ceremony for new Freeport water facility and gets coverage on page B-1 in the San Francisco Chronicle (May 8, 2007).

Support for Auburn Dam Wanes
Conservation Director Steve Evans explains in the Capitol Weekly (May 3, 2007) what a recent Sac State poll really reveals: Support for an Auburn dam keeps dropping.

A Plan for the Levees
Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (April 29, 2007) that plans for the levees will indeed improve protection.

The Mayor Is Angry
Steve talks to the Fresno Bee (April 28, 2007) about the mayor's angry comments after FOR helped defeat the governor's dams bill.

Central Coast Campaign Makes the News
Hannah Schoenthal Muse, FOR Central Coast organizer, generated this press coverage in the Monterey Herald (April 25, 2007) for our Central Coast hikes and overall campaign.

From Kenya to California
Kimani Kamau, FOR's Manager of Volunteer Programs, tells Experience Life magazine (May 2007) about growing up in Kenya and the new perspective that California's rivers have given him.

Good Times in the Central Coast
Friends of the River and the Ventana Wilderness Alliance get kudos for trying to preserve Central Coast rivers in the Santa Cruz Good Times (April 12, 2007).

Flood Management Bill Moves Forward
Assemblywoman Lois Wolk's flood management bill, AB5, gains in the Assembly with the support of Friends of the River and other groups, according to the Daily Democrat (April 11, 2007).

Wild Heritage Campaign Gains Strong Ally
Conservation Director Steve Evans tells the San Diego Union-Tribune (March 27, 2007) that the campaign is built from the ground up.

Piru Creek Faces Dry Summer
Jim Blomquist explains potential loss to Piru Creek in Ventura County Star (March 27, 2007).

FOR Speaks Out on NPR
Senior Policy Advocate Ron Stork speaks of floods, God, and Natomas on NPR's National Morning Edition (February 21, 2007).

SMUD: The Signing Picture
Dan Bacher posts photos and writes a good article about the UARP settlement signing on Indy Media (February 8, 2007) in which he gives kudos to Ron Stork and Soren Jespersen for their efforts.

"I'm Stunned"
The latest report on the Auburn Dam -- with a cost estimate of $6 billion to $10 billion -- is generating more press than even we can fit here. Ron Stork told the Sacramento Bee (January 31, 2007) simply, "I'm stunned." The AP ran its own story, which has been picked up by many newspapers in California. Here is the article as it appeared in the San Jose Mercury News (January 30, 2007).

Set Those Levees Back
Once again, the Sacramento Bee (January 27, 2007) turns to Senior Policy Advocate Ron Stork for opinions about levees. 

Dams in California and Abroad
Executive Director Peter Ferenbach appears on KPFA's Terra Verde program (January 26, 2007) to talk about the governor's dam proposals, the Klamath dams, and the impact of dams in general, along with guests speaking about dams in India.

20-Foot Floods Possible in Natomas
In making the case for a building moratorium, Ron Stork calls Natomas a "very dangerous place to live" -- in the Sacramento Bee (January 24, 2007). 

SMUD Crosses Up the Rubicon
Water rights ought to mean what they say, Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (January 24, 2007) in an article about SMUD using more than its share of water. 

These Setbacks Are Good Things
Ron Stork tells the Sacramento Bee (January 20, 2007) that setback levees can provide better flood protection for Sacramento. 

Leapin' Steelheads! (January 18, 2007) says Friends of the River deserves not one but two awards. Ron Stork merits an honor for his part in convincing SMUD to do the right thing for the American River. And Campaign Organizer Soren Jespersen wins a Victory in the Sierra plaque for his action alerts and emails.

Dam Proposals Still Don't Work
Steve Evans tells the Chico Enterprise Record (January 11, 2007) why two dam proposals are bad ideas. He was misquoted in one spot, so he gets to explain, in a letter to the editor (January 17, 2007), that California has reduced per capita use of water in half in the last 40 years, not three years as cited in the article.

Natomas Flood Danger
FOR's Ron Stork tells CBS13 (January 4, 2007) how bad flooding in Natomas could get.




Common Sense Flood Management
Ron Stork talks common sense in this Sacramento Bee article (December 7, 2006) about floodplain management.

Killing Rivers Isn't Green
Campaign Coordinator Soren Jespersen writes a letter to the Sacramento News & Review (November 9, 2006) about SMUD.

What We Must Do for Our Rivers
Executive Director Peter Ferenbach tells the San Francisco Chronicle (November 7, 2006) how to save our rivers and the Delta fish population.

Central Coast Struggle
The Salinas Californian (July 25, 2006) describes FOR's effort to protect Central Coast rivers.

Paradise Drowned
NRDC's On Earth magazine (Summer 2006) quotes FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans about Shasta Dam.

Peripheral Canal Returns
The San Diego Union- Tribune (April 24, 2006) quotes FOR Conservation Director Steve Evans about the Peripheral Canal.


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