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36 Years of Friends Saving Rivers  

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Our supporters speak to their support of Friends of the River (FOR) and California rivers:  

"worthy cause supported by passionate people doing necessary work" - Anonymous

"Want to have my grandchildren have the posibility of understanding and sharing wild rivers." - Michael, Fair Oaks

"I grew up in the LA area and the only river I knew as a kid was the LA River.  And that river is known for how polluted and ruined it is (it flows through V-shaped channel made of concrete).  I used to see "real" rivers in beautiful, pristine condition with actual vegetation surrounding them (!) in movies and on TV and wondered where in the world they were.  It wasn't until college that I actually saw the "real" rivers I had dreamed of seeing as a kid.  And I was so sad to find out how incredibly threatened those rivers and the animals and vegetation that rely on them are.  With global warming and the serious water issues that are known realities today, it is dire that we all do at least a little to protect our rivers if we want them to last." - Crystal, Davis

"Wild rivers are among the very last of our natural heritage.  FOR has committed itself to honoring this legacy, and I'm a life member because of it.    Whenever I'm in the North Fork American River, I think 'Look around you -- it's up to you to take action to protect it." - Jay, Davis

"FOR provides one of the few avenues to protect and restore wild and scenic rivers.  In addition, as a commercial guide and part-time volunteer guide for FOR, the organization helps us get on rivers so that we can enjoy the resource.  To the first point, without free running rivers, our fisheries continue to suffer.  With global warming occurring at a rapid rate, our fisheries need as much assistance as they can get.  While I do not fish for recreation, I support sustainable fisheries.  FOR is at the forefront in helping sustain fisheries by fighting against recommissioning of old dams and the construction of new ones." - Rhys, Sacramento

"I suport FOR and preserving and restoring rivers because I saw the Klamath River go from a beautiful fish filled river in the early 1950's to what it is today. It is hard to believe the destruction of the Klamath River has happened in my lifetime." - Robert & Elizabeth, Carmichael

"I think that it is very important to protect your family's watershed.  I support the Friends of the River because they have worked closely with other environmental groups here in Southern California to preserve these watershed areas.  My own local river is Deep Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest and I will never give up trying to protect its resource values." - Joyce, Barstow

"It is the right thing to do. I ski, hunt, fish, whitewater raft,and etc. and I understand the importance of preserving what we have.  The "River" and other waterways are the blood of natures and our own lives.  And we must take responsibility managing the resource." - Bill, Los Angeles

"I live over looking the Kern River." - Richard, Wofford Heights

"I've been with Friends Of the River for a long time now, and I'm very interested in the environment, and conservation." - Bobbie, Los Angeles

"I was with Friends of the River on the Stanislaus all the way back to 1974 & Prop 17. Damming that beautiful river so more farmers could overflood their fields was just too much to bear. Without our wild rivers, fish suffer, the river suffers without the cycle of flood & flushing that keeps it viable. We waste, waste, waste & dispose of our natural resources in unconsionable ways & inexcusable manners & they cannot be replaced once a dam is built." - Juliana, Midpines

"I love rivers.  I highly value riparian habitats. I love to fish rivers and creeks.  I like canoeing and rafting.  I greatly value the aesthetics of Wild and Scenic Rivers and of Wilderness Areas.  I strongly believe in protecting aquatic ecosystems." - Glen, Sacramento

"Rivers are beautiful, they're a symbol of life." - Mark, San Diego

"Somebody has to." - Stan, Los Angeles

"CA rivers need help and FOR appears to me to be particularly effective in campaigning for the help that is needed.  FOR's lobbying efforts seem to have paid off in the past and I hope that  they will do so in the future.  I particularly like FOR's emphasis on conservation efforts as the most effective way to alleviate our water shortages.  Dams just won't do it and are a waste of money and are destructive to our waterways." - John & Mary, Pleasanton

"Friends of the River has a rich history in protecting rivers and promoting recreational activities on rivers. The people that continue to support Friends of the River show the same passion and love for rivers (and all that they emcompass) as the organization's founder, Mark Dubious." - Jared Los Gatos

"As a California native I've seen our States population increase exponentially during my 50 years on planet earth.  As a child I was lucky enough to be exposed to California's "magical waterways" by my Dad who introduced me to whitewater rafting and fishing of all types. The scenery  and biological diversity that the rivers I visited as a child seemed truly amazing and "eternal". It wasn't until the late 70's that it became clear to me that the rivers I so enjoyed were being increasingly abused and degraded by the growing population of our state and it's insatiable desire for more water. If I wanted to leave any type of semblance of the wonders rivers offered me as a boy to succeeding generations I'd have to do more to ensure something tangible was still remaining for my one child to enjoy. WATER IS LIFE-In the desert environment that is California that is especially true. How we manage this increasingly dwindling resource will determine to a large degree what quality of life all California residents will have in the future." - James, Galt

"People enjoy natural beauty often without thinking that it's so easy to trash it and lose it forever." - Bruce, West Hollywood

"I am a sacramento native 50 year old soon and have been on the fishing and exploring American river and lakes  with my father since a youngster.  I love the river and the memories that return to me every time I visit which is often.  I have seen many changes through out the time most I don't like but it is still a great place to walk on the trails and through a line in hoping to catch something.  Fishing is not the main goal of the trip it is just sitting on the bank with my dog taking in the sights and the sounds of nature." - David, Carmicheal

"Because too much money is behind the utilities to believe the rivers will be managed for the greater good unless I contribute time, money, letter writing, or all three." - Timothy, Los Osos

"I support FoR as one of several outdoor and environmental organizations that I support because they educate and organize support for preserving the outdoors." - James, Stanford

"Rivers are the life blood of the whole ecological system that humans are part of.  To destroy them is to destroy our future.  I love rivers because I love to live in harmony with nature.  Each day, in every way." - Paul, Oakland

"Rivers are the source of life and fascinate me. I continually picture myself traveling back 200 years on the American , Yuba or Feather rivers hnere in the Sacramento valley and try to picture what it was like. Somebody gots to do the protection job and you guys do a consistent good job of it." - Gary, Fair Oaks

"Part of my childhood was spent on the American River in Sacramento, so early on rivers played an important part in my psyche.  They are an important ecosystem throughout the world but specifically for California, forms part of our important delta system in Northern California.  Therefore, it should be up to all Californians to do their part to ensure that current and future generations of all species have clean, beautiful rivers to enjoy." - Megaen, Newcastle

"I support FOR because they are who they are.  Caring people who love rivers just like I do.  I am so greatful to them for what they do to help protect and restore free flowing rivers.  FOR allows me an avenue to contrubute to the well being of our streams and I wish I could give more than I do.I use to whitewater raft, until I found fly fishing, Now I float fish, it's just another way of enjoying our beautiful rivers.  To me, there is nothing more seductive than a clear, mountain stream that waves for you to come and join her, and enjoy all she has to offer, weather it be her wild life that swims in her waters or flies above her white caps, fish or osprey, or her moose or otters, or maybe a dipper, that little bird who flies above or dives under her waters.  Thank you FOR." - Harry, Palmdale

"RIvers are essential habitat, and essential to other ecosystems, from meadows to oceans. And they are much of our water supply." - Margaret, Yucca Valley

"It is a wonderful escape from city living and walking/riding by the American River I always feel refreshed and invigorated." - Starlight, Sacramento

"No one else seems to care!" - Rex, Camarillo

"Because rivers are the life blood of the land!  Water is too important to destroy.  Hanging out on rivers feed my soul." - Rosado, Garberville

"I'm a little old now, at 76, and with some health issues to do anything very strenuous.  I actively backpacked from ages 12-70 and have been into the Mokelumne Canyon below Mt. Reba several times.  I've had a love affair with rivers - Kern, Kaweah, Kings, San Joaquin, Merced, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, Mokelumne, and many others.  My greatest interest now is for my children and grandchildren and other people to have the same opportunities for experiencing the natural world that I have had.  My two sons live near Murphys and I have a grandson named Mokelumne (Moke)." - Wendell, Walnut Creek

"I love riding along a  river, like the Klamath, and seeing Osprey and Bald Eagles. Very cool." - Jon, Kensington

"You have been around for a long time and are visible to the common paddler, me. You provide the leadership for political action. I am doing other things. I look to you to ask me for specific help." - Robin, Novato

"I grew up in Northern California on the nexus of three big rivers. This is my history, I'd like it to stay that way for a very long time. Let the rivers decide their own course!" - Amber, Santa Cruz

"Friends of the river offers an opportunity to contribute and opportunities for recreation." - Lisa, Auburn

"well I fly fish the kings river and it is important that the river is clean from trash and free from people who break the's important that thing are taken care by us because law infrocment can't do it by them selves.thankyou." - Kevin, Fresno

"Because FOTR selects unique waters to protect." - Bernard, Sacramento

"Need to keep California as undisturbed ecologically as possible (even though 50 million people will live here soon)." - Thomas, Alameda

"I love rivers for spiritual reasons, as do many people who see them from a more 'utilitarian' perspective...It is because they are a reflection of who we are -- all of us, at our core -- beautiful, wild, mysterious, free..." - Jessica, Chico

"Rivers remind us of the greatness of our environment. It brings peace to our souls, feeds the wildlife, carves out mother natures design through canyons and allows us to capture it with our photo lens to place on our walls to reflect upon our memories.  It speaks to us through cascades as the water softly flows over the boulders and gives us a moment to pause and give thanks. I can not imagine a life without a river!" - Terek, Rocklin

"The rivers of California have been no small factor in the current beauty of this region of North America.  Water is so fundamental to life, that it is this reason that this sunshine state flourishes in the wild and in agriculture.  The history culture of this state is therefor directly linked to the power of it's rivers. FOR does a great job in promoting the issues of politics related to our rivers. Also, the organization helps bring people together in not only their political ideas, but in the enjoyment of this resource." - Lauren, Sacramento

"I love free flowing rivers for rafting, hiking, fishing, camping and relaxing.  I started out white water guiding for Lauren Smith in the Sierras in the mid 1970s.  At that time I discovered the magic of the big central rivers, American, Stanislaus, Merced and the Toulume.  Our guide group all joined FOR to help save the Stanislaus in 1976.  I ran the Stanislaus on foot in 1977, from the put in above bridge to takeout, a friend and I got went to raft and river was dry.  Shut down by Edison for maintenance.  Moped shuttle!  I met Congressional delegation working WSR on Toulume, also saw an eagle fly over river.  I hiked up Clavey Creek and swam back 3 miles, mostly underwater.  I worked as an PCL student intern under Sharon Negri in late 1970s.  Then at Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon in 1986.  I understand the hard work that goes into designating and managing a wild and scenic river.  So I support your work to make sure we have free flowing rivers in California.  P.S.  I'm taking my kids to our family re-union this year.  We're white water rafting the lower S. Fork American." - Bradley, Barstow

"Clean water seems to be the most important thing for us on the whole." - Taj, Santa Cruz

"FOR has a rich history of protecting one of our most precious resources - water." - Shelley, Fair Oaks

"we all need to do our part to save the rivers and forests" - Melanie, Temecula

"I support FOR because they started as a grass roots organization and have risen to a powerful, educated and forward thinking organization devoted to California's Rivers, while retaining its in the trenches roots via guide training, river fairs and just plain old having fun on and about the river." - Bruce & Melissa, San Rafael

"There are rivers in California and Oregon that have a special place in my heart, and I would like to do what I can to preserve and protect these much-abused wonders of Nature." - Rachael

"I go to the Kings river twice a year and I camp for a week at a time and in that week i pick up enough trash to feel two pickup tucks to the brim thats why I go." - Kevork


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