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Little Sur Waterfall

The Little Sur River is considered by the California Deparment of Fish and Game to be the most important steelhead spawning stream on the Central Coast. The North and South Forks of the Little Sur River flow northwest from the slopes of Ventana Double Cone and are divided by the limestone buttresses of Pico Blanco, which is visible from Highway 1. Dudley’s Lousewort The Forest Service found 8.1 miles of the North Fork to be eligible for Wild & Scenic status due to its outstanding botanical values. In addition, conservationists believe that both forks of the Little Sur within the Los Padres Forest boundary possess outstanding ecological, fish, wildlife, and scenic values.

Outstanding Value

Fish The Little Sur River is considered by the California Department of Fish and Game to be the most important s stream for threatened steelhead on the Central Coast. This is due to the pristine nature of the Little Sur in comparison to other Central Coast watersheds. pawning

Ecological The entire drainage was identified by the Forest Service as an area of high ecological significance due to its pristine habitat for a diversity of fish and wildlife species and few non-native species.

Botanical The North Fork supports the largest known aggregation of Dudley’s lousewort on public lands. Dudley’s lousewort is a rare plant endemic to redwood forests with fewer than 10 known populations.

Wildlife Sensitive, threatened, and endangered species that live in and along the Little Sur include the spotted owl, California red-legged frog, Pacific salamander, and giant salamander.

Scenery Both forks of the Little Sur flow through deep canyons shrouded in redwood forests, and offer attractive and popular routes into the Ventana Wilderness, complete with numerous cascades and deep pools.

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