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Become a Guide Trainer

FOR has a proud history of high-quality trainings for new guides on the South Fork American River. We have high-quality trainings because we have high-quality trainers. We have high-quality trainers because we train them.

Training trainers is a big investment of time for you and for other FOR volunteers. We use this application to make sure everyone who participates in T3 has a high probability of success. Even so, because we have high standards, some T3 participants might not graduate.

We run "Train The Trainers" (T3) alongside Basic Guide Training. Each day, you will be in lectures and discussions, and on the river, with opportunities to role play, observe trainers, or train basic trainees under supervision. Also, the T3 group will be part of Basic Training logistics, including meal preparation, shuttles, and gear. T3 usually runs the first two weekends of Basic Training, plus one additional day that you may schedule during the rest of that same training.

You are expected to pay for your own parking and camping at Camp Lotus; this may be waived by the Head Trainer of Basic Guide Training. Upon successful graduation, you are obligated to volunteer as a trainer for at least four days during Basic Trainings this year or next year.

You should have the following pre-requisites before taking T3:

  • Excellent two-way communication skills
  • Willing to teach the "FOR Way"
  • Very comfortable on the South Fork American
  • Solid Class III guide skills
  • Some Class IV guide experience
  • Current South Fork American Head Guide or eligible for Head Guide
  • Fulfilled all obligations to FOR (e.g. guiding trips, off-river days)
  • (Optional) Two days as guest paddler on trainings in the past 12 months.

To Apply
Fill out and submit the online T3 application form. Then you must have two head guides or trainers each fill out the online T3 recommendation form for you.

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