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Delta Smelt


Your calls contributed to the pressure that the governor felt to save the Delta smelt. He ordered the pumps be shutdown for 10 days to help protect teh smelt. The smelt aren't safe yet, but the most immediate threat was remedies. The underlying problems, of course, remain, and we'll keep working to resolve those. You can learn more from this excellent report that ran on KPIX. Click here to view.

May 23, 2007
We won't waste time making you read through lengthy documentation and scroll through pretty pictures. You can check out the links at the bottom of the page for documentation and background information. We just need you to make a call NOW.

Call Gov. Schwarzenegger IMMEDIATELY and tell him:

  • you know how close the Delta smelt is to extinction.
  • you know the Delta smelt is the "canary in the coal mine"; as the Delta smelt die, we know many, many other species are in danger.
  • a sick Delta also threatens our water supply and our economy.
  • he needs to order immediate action to save the smelt.
  • to begin with, he must reduce the pumping and increase San Joaquin River flows throughout the first two weeks of June to save the Delta Smelt.
  • then he should follow the recommendations of the scientific experts to save the Delta smelt (see the links below).

 Here is the number to call: (916) 445-2841

This is too urgent for a letter-writing campaign. It's even too urgent for email. Please call today!

Thanks to groups like Restore the Delta, the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, and the Planning and Conservation League, news about the imminent extinction of the Delta smelt is spreading rapidly. People are calling the governor. Here are links to learn more about the issue and recommendations to save the Delta smelt:


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