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CRITICAL ALERT: Urge Governor To Sign Mokelumne River Wild & Scenic Study Bill (AB 142)

The Mokelumne River is already a hard-working river, with several dams providing hydroelectric power, water supply, and flood benefits to millions of Californians. AB 142 represents a unique opportunity to permanently protect for present and future generations the portion of the river that remains free flowing and possesses extraordinary scenic, recreational, water quality, historical, and cultural values for all Californians to enjoy.

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Stop the tunnels - revised plan restores no habitat and diverts too much water

The revised BDCP is out: They have added 8000 pages of new text, but removed all the habitat restoration. Now the BDCP is being called the California Water Fix...and yes, the fix is in for corporate agribusiness and southland developers who want to divert all the northern California river water they can with as much taxpayer funding as possible to boot! Don't let this water grab happen - please comment today!



Help stop the federal water giveaway!

The House of Representatives is considering draft legislation that proposes to maximize water exports and “streamline” regulations protecting water quality, fish, and wildlife in California. As currently drafted, this terrible bill will likely result in the extinction of the endangered Delta smelt in its native habitat and accelerate the already fast decline of the Central Valley’s wild salmon and steelhead populations.



Thank Senator Feinstein & Boxer For Introducing Legislation To Protect 77 Miles Of Wild & Scenic Rivers In The California Desert

Early in February, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced S. 414 – the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act. Cosponsored by Senator Barbara Boxer, the bill proposes to protect more than 77 miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers in the California Desert and adjacent mountain ranges.


Stop The Temperance Flat dam And Help Save The San Joaquin River Gorge!
T41511SJRgorgese.JPGhe U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) is seeking public comments in response to a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Temperance Flat dam on the San Joaquin River Gorge. At risk is an outstanding river recommended for protection in the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System. Astoundingly, the proposed dam will produce little additional water and provide no relief from California’s chronic drought. But taxpayers will be asked to pay much of the bill for a destructive multi-billion dollar dam that will only benefit large agribusiness corporations in the southern Central Valley.
Please plan on attending and speaking out at upcoming public hearings in Sacramento and Fresno and send your email TODAY urging the Bureau of Reclamation to scrap its dubious plan to build this deadbeat dam!

Save our Salmon and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Restore the Flow of Fresh Water to the San Joaquin River

T[object Object]his fall and early next year, the California State Water Resources Control Board will decide whether to require that more water make it from the San Joaquin River basin into the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary. Increasing flows from the San Joaquin River to the Bay-Delta estuary is a critical first step towards restoring the balance between the needs of California’s fish and wildlife, the many jobs and businesses that depend on healthy fisheries and rivers, and the other uses of water. FOR's petition is on's web platform. 


Thank President Obama today for establishing the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

Today (Friday, Oct 10,2014) President Obama will issue a proclamation establishing a 350,000-acre San Gabriel Mountains National Monument in southern California. The Monument will consist of existing public lands currently managed as part of the Angeles National Forest.

The proposed Monument is the result of years of collaborative effort by Friends of the River, our members, and many other conservation, recreation, and environmental justice groups to protect the free flowing rivers and wild places of the San Gabriel Mountains.



Take the Drought Action Pledge and Email  Governor Brown - Dam's won't make water!
Piru Creek gone dryCalifornia’s severe drought reminds us how precious and limited water is.  We can help by doing our part to use it wisely.  While there is a lot of talk about building new dams, they cost billions of dollars and take a decade or more to build.  So, new dams won’t help us with the drought, but they will do more harm to the rivers we love and we already have more than 1,400 of major dams in the state. 
Water conservation and efficiency is cheap or even free.  Friends of the River is working to advance these solutions to meet our water needs without doing more harm to rivers.  You can help by taking this drought pledge as a first step.


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