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July 20, 2011: Vol. 1, #7

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EBMUD Considers Raising Pardee Dam
FOR's Summer Interns

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Save the Mokelumne River! Your Comments Needed As EBMUD Reconsiders Reservoir Expansion.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) is reconsidering its plan to enlarge Pardee Reservoir and drown a portion of the beautiful Mokelumne River. EBMUD’s reconsideration is the result of a successful lawsuit filed by Friends of the River, Foothill Conservancy, and the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance. In response to the lawsuit, a Superior Court judge ordered EBMUD to more adequately consider the impacts of the proposed Pardee expansion on the river and feasible alternatives.

To comply with the court ruling, EBMUD is reviewing its 2040 water plan in a revised environmental impact report (EIR). The water plan still includes the proposed expansion of Pardee Reservoir, which would destroy two miles of the Mokelumne River. Our goal is to convince EBMUD to eliminate Pardee Reservoir expansion as a future water supply option.

EBMUD is soliciting public comments about the scope of its revised plan and EIR. Comments from EBMUD customers are particularly important. This is your opportunity to urge EBMUD to drop its unnecessary and destructive Pardee expansion plan and support permanent protection of the Mokelumne as a Wild & Scenic River.

Please send an email (thru FOR's website just click here) or a letter to EBMUD by July 29, urging the agency to drop Pardee expansion and protect the river.

Written comments should be sent to Tom Francis by fax to (510) 287-1295, or mailed to: WSMP Comments, ATTN: Tom Francis, EBMUD Water Supply Division, 375 11th Street ~ MS 407, Oakland, CA 94607. You can see a sample letter by clicking on the website link in the paragraph above.

Enlarging Pardee Reservoir would:

  • Drown a segment of the Mokelumne River recommended by the Bureau of Land Management for National Wild & Scenic River protection in recognition of its outstanding recreational, scenic, and historical/cultural values.
  • Destroy the entire Middle Bar Reach of the Mokelumne River from Highway 49 to the Middle Bar Bridge, and flood more than 1,000 feet of the Electra Run upstream of Highway 49, eliminating fishing, boating, and other river-based recreation.
  • Flood the historic 1912 Middle Bar Bridge, cutting off a critical fire and emergency services route between Amador and Calaveras Counties.
  • Inundate public rafting/kayaking access facilities at the Highway 49 and Middle Bar Bridges, which were constructed with public funds to facilitate increased recreational access to the Mokelumne River.
  • Destroy the many historical and Native American cultural sites in the Middle Bar reach.
  • Harm the local economy by destroying recreational resources and the potential for commercial whitewater rafting on the Mokelumne River, which is feasible only with a free flowing Electra-Middle Bar reach.




Summer 2011 Interns at FOR!

FOR has been blessed with an incredible group of interns this summer!  Pictured above (from left to right) are: Joe, Jesus, Nick, Kristin, Kerry, Abby, and FOR Board member John Yost.  Below are bios written by our interns:

Joe Cho - Legal Team: Hi! My name is Joe. I am a student at UC Davis School of Law where I will begin my second year this fall. I majored in History at UC Berkeley. Before that, I served four years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps where I carried a rocket launcher and worked with demolitions. I’m having a blast (no pun intended) at Friends of the River! I feel fortunate because my summer internship allows me to gain legal experience while working for a cause near and dear to my heart.

Jesus Rodriguez - Communications & State Policy: My name is Jesus, I’m 16, and I was born in El Monte, California, and now currently live in South El Monte. I am currently taking part in the Upward Bound Summer Program of Harvey Mudd College. I have been looking forward to my internship at FOR since I took a five-day trip to the Mono basin and saw the forests, the majestic Sierra Nevada, and the clean, calming rivers and creeks. I respect and admire the time, and effort that the wonderful staff, and volunteers put into helping preserve California’s rivers. I play the guitar in an alternative rock band. I have a twin brother named Francisco, and three older brothers, and one adopted.

Nick Stark - Legal Team:  Hello, I am Nick. This upcoming semester I will be entering my third year at UC Davis School of Law. I completed my undergraduate work at CSU Northridge, earning a degree in Political Science. Prior to coming to law school I lived in the greater Los Angeles area working as a performing musician, recording artist, and music teacher, specializing primarily in jazz and pop/rock. Currently I am working with FOR’s Bob Wright and fellow student Kerry Fuller in fighting USACE’s levee vegetation policy.

Kristin Kameen - Legal Team: Hi, I’m Kristin, a recent graduate of UC Davis with Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science, International Relations, and French. In August, I’ll be starting my second year at UC Davis School of Law. I’m spending the summer as a volunteer law clerk at Friends of the River. Currently, I’m working on opposition to H.R. 869, particularly in regards to limestone salamander take. This summer is my first foray into environmental law, and I’m grateful for all the wonderful staff who are guiding me through my internship! I look forward to expanding my environmental law knowledge and applying the skills I’ve learned at Friends of the River to my continuing legal studies.

Kerry Fuller - Legal Team: Hi! I’m Kerry. I just completed my first year at University of California Davis School of Law and am spending my summer at Friends of the River as a volunteer law clerk. I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara for undergraduate studies and received my Bachelor’s degree from there in 2007. Between then and law school, I was in Washington, DC working for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign and then Defenders of Wildlife. This summer I’m working on the case against the USACE’s levee vegetation policy and looking forward to further exploring my interest in environmental and water law.

Abby Ellis - Communications & Policy Outreach: Hi! I'm Abby. I am a senior at University of California, Davis majoring in political science with a minor in English literature. I am interning at Friends of the River for the summer, where I am working on compiling opposition letters to HR 869 from the view of national environmental groups as well as river outfitters. I also have been working on creating a portion of the website entitled "50 Ways to Save Your River." Working at FOR has deepened my interest in environmental policy and affirmed my aspiration of working with environmental policy and law upon graduation.



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[object Object]River in the Spotlight
Arroyo Seco River

The relatively little known Arroyo Seco River drains the eastside of the Ventana Mountains in California's scenic central Coast Range. The Arroyo Seco is one of the few tributaries of the Salinas River that sustains a small population of the threatened steelhead trout, a federally protected species that migrates all the way from the Pacific Ocean to spawn in the clean riffles and deep cold pools of the river. In recognition of this outstanding fishery, as well as its obvious scenic and recreational values, the Arroyo Seco River and its tributary, Tassajara Creek, have been determined eligible for National Wild & Scenic River status by the Forest Service.

To visit FOR's Arroyo Seco River page click here.


River Saving Tip
Washing the Car

If you go out to have your car washed be sure to use a car wash where they recycle the water, not only are you saving that water but you are saving the nearby river from dirty runoff - be sure to ask the attendent what they do with their used water.  If this is not an option (or you can't find a car wash that is doing the right thing) drive up on your lawn for a few and wash your car on the grass, you will get the benefits of: watering your lawn, saving water, and saving money, all at once.


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PHOTOS: Segments of the Merced River to be drowned by HR 869's proposed expansion of New Exchequer Resovoir - Mike Osbourn



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