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January 27, 2011: Vol.1, #1

River News & Events


[object Object]Bill To Protect 72 miles of Desert Rivers

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reintroduced her California Desert Protection Act, which proposes to protect more than 72 miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers in California’s vast desert region. In addition the bill protects two new National Monuments and thousands of acres of wilderness. For more information about the desert bill, <click here>. 

Other public land bills introduced by California members of congress could include Wild & Scenic River protection. For more information about Rep. David Dreier’s San Gabriel Mountains protection bill, <click here>. For more information about Rep. Darrell Issa’s wildlands protection bill for northern San Diego County, <click here>.


[object Object]Auburn Dam Revival

Rep. Tom McClintock has announced that he wants to focus on “abundance” (i.e., more dams and less natural areas and free flowing rivers). A $10 billion dollar Auburn dam is on the top of his wish list.

At the same time, public access, safety, and enjoyment of the Auburn State Recreation Area has come into sharp focus as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, who lost the water rights for the proposed dam in 2008, announced that it is no longer able to fund the management of these lands — and threatened to close access to them.

In response, citizens, regional newspapers, and elected officials have called on the Department of the Interior to recognize the value of the river and watershed lands and manage them for the benefit of future generations.  Good idea!  There will be lots of work to do - stay tuned.



Save a River today
Add to FOR's River webpages!

FOR is updating our website and we need your help!  We need volunteers who would like to do basic online river research and take photos for our California River pages. We would love to have volunteers who could adopt rivers and tributaries and help us add content to the most popular part of our website - if you don't see your river on our list - we want to add it!

We want photos of the rivers and people enjoying them. We need to provide information to the public on each river: places to visit, things to do, how to get there, and any other river related items that can help connect Californian's to their rivers! If you'd like to know more, email us at with "adopt a river" in the subject line.  Thanks!


Amargosa River

PHOTO: Amargosa River Cliffs by John Diettli


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River Tips & Features


American River ParkwayRiver in the Spotlight
The American River

Every year there are more than 9 million visitors to the American River. 

From the American's confluence with the Sacramento River to its headwaters, it is one of world's most popular and historic rivers.

The unrivaled accessibility of the American River and its canyons make it a treasure not just for the millions of people who live nearby but for millions more who come from all around the world to partake in her history, her wildlife, and her whitewater. Whatever your outdoor interest or recreational activity, the world-class American River and her canyons provide for them all.

Check out FOR's American River page for how to get there and things to do!


River Saving Tip
Turn Off Sprinklers In Winter

You can turn off those sprinklers! (November - April). Rain is often enough for lawns and plants in the dormant stages during this time of year. Check potted plants - most need less watering but some sensitive plants can use a little extra just before a frost is expected.

Check soil moisture by grabbing a handful of soil and squeezing it together then open your hand - if it stays in a clump your plants are OK - if it just returns to a lose pile of soil consider watering just the dry areas. To test your lawn step on a patch - if it springs back you really don't need to water it.

The EPA estimates Californians use about 840 million gallons a day in residential outdoor watering - if we could cut that in half during this time of year, we could save an estimated 104 Billion gallons - enough to supply the water needs of 1.2 million people for a full year!


PaulTebbelphotoVisit Your River

The Cosumnes River

Every winter the Cosumnes River offers bird watchers a daily treat - cranes! Sandhill cranes from Alaska and points north winter over in California's Delta. They spend each night standing in shallow water for protection from land predators – and watching 100’s fly in to their preferred night spot is an awe-inspiring sight. A great place to view this early evening ritual for the next month is at the Cosumnes River Preserve Visitor Center at Twin Cities and Hwy 5, about 10 minutes south of Elk Grove.  Get there before 5 pm, park in the lot and bring your binoculars. The cranes land due west of the parking area and close to the road about ¼ mile to the north. The sounds are as good as the view.  Enjoy!

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