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June 22, 2012: Vol. 2, #7

In This Edition
House Votes To Drown The Wild Merced
Will July Be Fatal For NorCal Rivers & Delta
FOR Gear Swap: Sept 8-9, 2012
Merced Campaign: Editorials & News Stories
River in the Spotlight: The San Joaquin River
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Mini of Merced River at North Fork downstream into encroachmHouse Votes to Drown The Wild & Scenic Merced River
Ron Stork, Senior Policy Advocate

On Wednesday, June 20th the full House of Representatives voted 232-189 to drown the Wild Merced. The bill (HR 2578 - Read the factsheet on this very bad bill) would remove federal protection from a segment of the Merced Wild & Scenic River to allow for raising the New Exchequer Dam. The bill is by Rep. Jeff Denham and is the first serious attempt by Congress to remove Wild & Scenic protection from a federal river for a dam and could undo almost 45 years of bi-partisan work building a legacy of free-flowing rivers for future generations of Americans. See how your member voted. FOR expects that HR 2578 (if it follows the regular order) will be sent to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. For a list of the full committee and links to their official website click here (word document.)

Stay tuned for more - this battle is not yet over! We expect to roll out a new alert for the Senate in the next week.

Will July Be Fatal For Northern California RIVERS And The DELTA?
Bob Wright, Senior Legal Counsel

The Governor and the Interior Secretary plan to make a joint announcement in late July that the Government will go forward with the giant boondoggle to build two tunnels 35 miles long to divert up to 9,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) of water out of the Sacramento River. The diverted water would be wheeled around or through the Delta to further fatten the wallets of already massively subsidized big corporate interests in certain water districts, water agencies, and other entities far south of the Delta.

9,000 cfs is most of the average summer flow of the Sacramento River near the proposed diversion points near Clarksburg. This one project would be the greatest single assault on Northern and Central California rivers in history. The massive diversions would unhinge upstream river flows and reservoir operations, making it impossible to hold the amounts of water now held in the existing reservoirs for late summer and fall releases for flow, temperature and fisheries preservation purposes. There would be major changes in water diversions, dam operations and canal flows to accommodate the diversion tunnels. This project has recently been the subject of damning science reviews presented by the National Academy of Science and the "Red Flag" warning comment letters from the fish and wildlife agencies. The project would also enable the construction of more dams to destroy more free-flowing rivers because more Northern and Central California water could be transported to the special interests south of the Delta than is presently the case.

The Government agencies have been intransigent in refusing to examine realistic California supply availability and adjust contract amounts in keeping with reliable yields.  The State admits that it has not prepared a statewide cost-benefit analysis for the water tunnels project and has no intention to do so. All that has been prepared is a study designed to show the economic costs and benefits of the project to the water contractors. It is an outrage against the public, the taxpayers, our rivers and the Delta to not prepare a statewide cost-benefit analysis for a massive public works project that may ultimately cost $30 Billion.

What Can You/We Do?

FOR expects to learn between 12 to 36 hours ahead of time when the Governor and Interior Secretary plunge the dagger into the Delta's heart at their joint press conference.  FOR and several other stewards for the environment plan to stage a counter press conference and demonstration to "save the rivers - stop the tunnels" in Sacramento or Stockton at the same time as the Government's joint press conference. Our purpose is to jump start our struggle in the court of public opinion to get the truth out on the river and Delta destruction, fraud, and special interest welfare at the expense of the taxpayers that makes up the peripheral tunnels boondoggle.

FOR will send out a special alert as soon as we find out when and ask you to join us!


So much to see so little timeFOR Gear Swap: Sept 8-9, 2012
Greg "Big Bird" Gilmore, Gear Committee

Who wants to have a little fun & help support FOR. We are having the FOR GEAR SWAP on Sept. 8 & 9. We need y'all to come out with your old gear or you could even volunteer. Please email me - or If you can come volunteer or just come out and shop, it is a great day. For FOR's and the Festival volunteers there usually a free dinner Friday night at the River Store.

So save the date !!!!!!

Hope to see you.
River luv, - g

Volunteer shifts at the Gear Swap: Saturday, Sept. 8: 8 am – 5 pm and Sunday, Sept. 9     8 am – 1 pm. Volunteers please indicate if you can volunteer in the Morning or Afternoon Shift.

NOTE: We are also looking for volunteers to collect gear donated to FOR and bring it up to the swap.  If you live outside Sacramento and have a bit of room to store some gear we’d like to direct folks to you as a drop off site for gear that FOR gets to keep 100% of the proceeds of.  If you may be able to help collect donated gear email .

FOR Gear Swap Page (details on how to sell and what to do)

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[object Object]River in the Spotlight: The San Joaquin

The San Joaquin River is the second longest river in California, but it drains the largest watershed area (32,000 square miles) in the state. Fed by the melting snow of the High Sierra, the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin originates in the incredibly scenic Ansel Adams Wilderness and passes by Devil's Postpile, a national monument, as it flows west out of the mountain range and into the San Joaquin Valley.

Upon reaching the Valley, the river makes a sharp turn north as it continues to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, picking up the Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Merced, Calaveras, and Mokelumne rivers along the way. Once the San Joaquin reaches the Delta, it combines with the Sacramento River and continues westward through the Carquinez Straights, the San Francisco Bay, and out the Golden Gate to the Pacific Ocean.

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