California is blessed with some of the most beautiful and diverse rivers in the world. From the steep creeks of the high Sierra to the broad and powerful rivers of the Central Valley, each river tells a personal story and provides a unique experience to the visitor.  Friends of the River works not just to preserve our rivers, but to change how people think about them – not as resource to be exploited, but as treasure to be enjoyed. Friends of the River is advancing proactive and realistic ways to improve our water supply reliability and security - read more.

Clean Water

Free flowing, undeveloped rivers are our primary source of clean water for drinking, growing food, and manufacturing goods.
Natural Heritage

Free flowing rivers are an important part of our picturesque natural landscape; things of great beauty and purpose that we need to protect for future generations.

Free flowing rivers are complex ecosystems that are home to hundreds of sensitive, threatened, and endangered species of fish and wildlife.
Personal Renewal

Free flowing rivers have been the focus of human activities for hundreds of thousands of years. We depend on wild and undeveloped rivers for outdoor recreation, inspiration and renewal of the spirit.
Natural Systems

Free flowing rivers use natural systems to effectively transport sediment and nutrients, provide riparian and aquatic habitat, renew topsoil in flood plains, supply the aquifer, and eventually complete nature's water cycle by flowing into the sea.

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