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Step outside and into Iran’s history and rafting (Class III)

Wantok Adventures presents: EXPLORING THE RIVERS OF IRAN

May 8-20, 2018

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Another first with Richard Bangs & John Yost–Highlights of the ancient Persia aspect of the trip include a day tour of Tehran’s palaces, museums and bazaar; the beautiful 12,000-year-old city of Kashan; and the mosques, palaces, Zoroastrian temple, bridges and bazaars of Isfahan.  We spread out these treats along our drive to the remote village area where we find four wild rivers to raft: The Zayande Rood, Armand, Khersan and Karoon all await the strokes of our paddles.  Each is fun and exciting and none is threatening, and no prior rafting experience is needed to safely enjoy them.

We stay in 4-5 star hotels in the cities and are welcomed into the homes of locals during the rafting program.  There is no camping and little roughing it, as we have indoor comforts and fine food every night.  We have great English-speaking Iranian guides on the road, at the historical sites and on the river.   Sure sounds good!  Read on for the daily detail of the trip.  I’m sure you’ll want to join us.