Owner, All Outdoors

Scott grew up in the culture and world of rafting where he went from being a logistical support grunt, cleaning coolers and packing all week for the weekend trips to guiding commercially at the age of 15. He worked his way through college as a guide and went on to own and run the family company today. Scott enjoys his job and spends his “off season” organizing adventures all over the world.He has served on the Board of Directors for Friends of the River and has been an advocate for outdoor adventure for at risk youth in the inner city. He says that his enjoyment comes from something that is bigger than “just rafting.“

It is virtually impossible to talk about him without talking about his family’s company, All Outdoors. Scott’s Dad, George Armstrong, first started running rivers when Scott was one year old. What started in 1962 as a passion and a hobby quickly turned into family business that set the standard for rafting outfitters around the world. Along the way the focus always surrounded the idea of rafting for the sake adventure and exploration with a conservative emphasis on safety and advocacy.

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