Fisheries Biologist

Kevan Urquhart is a native Californian, educated as an ichthyologist and marine biologist at U. C. Berkeley [A.B Zoology] and California State University Fullerton [M.A. Biological Sciences.  He worked as a marine biologist for the City of San Diego monitoring the marine ecosystem effects of their Pt. Loma Water Treatment Plant outfall, before joining the Ca. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife in Stockton.  He did monitoring and research on Sturgeon, Striped Bass, and warm-water resident gamefish of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; then worked as a Water Quality Biologist investigating the impacts of selenium and other trace metals in agricultural drainage on aquatic life; followed by work as an In-stream Flow modeler.  He supervised the fish monitoring labs, Fish Facilities Program, Real Time Monitoring Program, and S.F. Bay Study Program out of Stockton, before coming to the Central Coast to be the Regional Fisheries Management Supervisor covering 15 counties from Mendocino through San Luis Obispo.  He served as one of the 9-Agency, Inter-Agency Ecological Program Coordinators managing all State and Federal research and monitoring in the San Francisco/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and as an acting-Asst. Regional Manager for Fisheries of the Central Coast Region.  Kevan is an expert witness on stream-flow and water quality, testifying before the State Water Resources Control Board, California Public Utilities Commission, and State courts.  In 2006 he left the CDFW to work for the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, as their Senior Fisheries Biologist.  Kevan is a member of the American Institute of Fisheries Research Biologists, and a Certified Fisheries Professional by the American Fisheries Society.